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Effortless Time Tracking and Scheduling

Still chasing timesheets every week? Looking for a faster way to plan your shift rosters or job schedules?

A great value alternative that will save you a whole heap of hassle is TSheets, the top-rated time tracking and scheduling app that works anywhere, anytime. Even when there’s no internet or phone signal.

As a Certified TSheets PRO, Prime Accounting can offer you a time tracking and scheduling trial with TSheets FOR FREE, plus 10% off . Read on to find out how…

Sync everything to payroll

TSheets syncs seamlessly with Xero, QuickBooks and other payroll systems so everyone gets paid exactly what they’re owed. It’s got a built-in audit trail and stores all your records for you—securely—so you can get instant access anytime you need them.

Track time the way you want

Clock in and out and switch jobs using TSheets’ iPhone app, Android app, desktop app, web app, Chrome app or Twitter (yes, it even works with Twitter). Managing a team of tradies on the job site? The TSheets Crew App can clock them all in or out in one go.

See who’s working and where

One of the best features of TSheets is its sophisticated GPS mapping system which comes at no extra cost. The GPS-powered “Who’s Working” window shows every employee’s location on an interactive map from the moment they clock in to the instant they clock out.

Share rosters and work schedules

The ability to plan and share next week’s shift roster or job schedule through TSheets is another fantastic feature. For just $2 extra a month per user you can send everything straight to your employees’ phones.